Leveraging Smart Mobility for Safer Drivers

16 February 2017

GreenRoad Mobile - Boost Fleet and Driver Performance 

GreenRoad's smart mobility platform transforms your team's mobile devices into an effective in-vehicle driving coach. Real-time feedback is delivered through clear, understandable data and coaching so that drivers immediately correct unsafe or ineffective behavior. GreenRoad helps organizations achieve sustainable improvement in their operating margins by lowering overall risk, fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.

Fleets of any size can adopt our mobile technology and implement a full scale driver and fleet performance management program within weeks. 

Join this 30-minute session to see an introduction to GreenRoad's smart mobility platform and what a quick, low cost implementation can look like with GreenRoad Mobile. 

Learn About:

  • Real-time objective in-vehicle feedback on 150 driving maneuvers
  • Safety scores for measuring improvement over time
  • Gamification to keep drivers motivated
  • Safety hotspots identify know areas of risk
  • Instant driving tips to help drivers perform better on the road
  • Dashboard visibility to track driver performance