The Changing Face of Fleets:

How Specific Driver Profiles can Determine the Success of a Driver Safety Program

A successful driver safety program has a lot of moving parts. Setting vehicle and driver profiles correctly is a key factor in determining if your program is a success or not. Different vehicles require different driving techniques and different drivers. Your safety program should make accommodations for these differences.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What are vehicle profiles vs driver profiles?
  • Why do vehicle profiles matter?
  • Different Types of Drivers – Different Scores.
  • How change management makes a difference.

The GreenRoad Driver Behavior system incorporates real-time in-vehicle feedback, advanced fleet analytics, and reporting and driver education tools. Fleets of any size can adopt our technology and implement a full-scale driver and fleet performance management program within weeks.

Attend this 30-minute session to see an introduction to GreenRoad and what a quick, low cost implementation can look like.