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Smith System Partnership:

How Smith System and GreenRoad are Empowering Fleets to Keep Mobile Workers Safe and Engaged With Gamification, Real-Time Contextual Coaching and Fleet Safety Training and Technology

May 9 | 10:00am CST | 4:00pm GMT

We Will be Giving out FIVE $100 Prizes Throughout the Webinar!

GreenRoad and Smith System take different approaches to delivering safer drivers. The new partnership allows businesses to embrace in-person training alongside in-cab technology, allowing for the best of both worlds.

Join driver safety experts from both Smith System and GreenRoad as they discuss:

  • The impact of driver related errors on businesses
  • How instructor led training and in cab technology combined can shield organizations from driver related risk
  • Steps to mitigate driver risk in real time
  • How increased driver safety can improve customer satisfaction
  • How gamification is changing performance, engagement, motivation and retention
  • How to improve overall driver safety with minimal investment
  • New Trends in fleet mobility and safety

The GreenRoad Driver Behavior system incorporates real-time in-vehicle feedback, advanced fleet analytics, and reporting and driver education tools. Fleets of any size can adopt our technology and implement a full-scale driver and fleet performance management program within weeks.

Attend this 30-45 minute session to see an introduction to GreenRoad and what a quick, low cost implementation can look like.